Looking for the best acne treatment and anti-aging skin care in Montana?  You’ve found it.

Got 15 minutes?
Tune in to hear what’s working
(and, um, NOT working) in
the world of Acne Treatment.

Acne Treatment that works.
Breakouts, scars, and dark spots are no match
for Montana’s only holistic acne specialist.

Are you living with acne? Frustrated with all the disappointing skin remedies and prescriptions you’ve tried? In my acne clinic, I hear this all the time. Like you, most have tried it all. Doctor’s visits, antibiotics, natural products, and countless over-the-counter washes and creams. Some have even taken multiple rounds of Accutane®. It’s no wonder they feel like nothing will work for their skin!


Ready for some good news?
I can help you take control of your acne,
even if nothing else has worked.

With my proven, inside + outside approach, I can tackle any type of acne. Even yours. Because while you’ve tried so many things, you just don’t have all the information you need to get clear and stay that way. You’re missing some pieces of the puzzle.

I GET Clear Skin 

It’s my specialty. Working with me in my Clear Skin Coaching™ program, you’ll finally have the answers you’ve been looking for. Instead of guessing and experimenting, we can identify what’s causing your acne, and fix it for good!

– Are your current skin care (even prescribed!) products making your skin worse?
– Is your diet part of the problem?
– Are your laundry products at fault?
– Are hormones to blame?
– Are prescription or recreational drugs a factor?

The truth is, it could be any combination of these. And with the conflicting information you get from internet research, Pinterest, your friends…it’s no wonder you’re not getting clear! If you’re doing the ‘wrong’ things, you’ll keep breaking out. Let’s fix that.

You need a trained acne specialist.
Other Estheticians give facials, but facials alone are not enough.
It takes an in-depth understanding of what caused the condition in the first place, a plan to change it, and the right clinical-strength products and skin treatments to make it happen.

holistic acne treatment products


To achieve optimal skin health for my clients, I’ve developed a complete line of Skin Therapy™ products to safely resolve the most stubborn acne, for every type of skin. You’ll be targeting acne where it starts, deep inside your pores, without irritating side effects.



Acne Treatment Montana with Erin BlairErin Blair LE, CHCAs a Licensed Esthetician and Certified Health Coach, I’ll clear your skin, and coach you through it. How does the magic happen? It’s a combination of the right products used just the right way, customized clinical treatments, and supportive expert advice. If you’re confused, frustrated, or ready to give up on your skin, this is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Located in Kalispell Montana, I work in person with clients from all around the Flathead Valley. Not in Montana? No problem. I have a long distance program as well. Let’s turn things around, and give you the healthy skin you’ve always wanted.


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