Erin Blair Skin Coach
Erin is a Problem Skin Specialist, Health Coach and Creator of Clear Skin Coaching. She is a Licensed Esthetician and graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Erin lives in Montana and treats clients nationwide.

“I create custom plans to clear acne that work better than any other approach I’ve seen.” 

Most Estheticians are sadly lacking in acne training. School does not teach us how to treat this challenging and common condition. That’s why I sought training from the best mentors in the world, and I continue to research and learn more about what I can do to get the fastest, most effective results possible.

Fast and effective is important, because most acne sufferers have already tried everything they can think of, and many are frustrated to the point of giving up. Diet gurus didn’t work. Facials didn’t work. Products didn’t work. Online forums and advice didn’t work. Even serious prescriptions didn’t work. When nothing is working and you’re not sure why, you’re wasting your time. You can experiment, or you can get clear. Not both.
I have created a program that works to clear acne from both the outside and inside, while coaching my clients through the process to make it as simple and effective as possible. It’s a partnership. You and me, identifying what hasn’t worked and how we can do better. Which foods and supplements need to go…at least until you’re clear? Which lifestyle choices (like laundry stuff and hair products) need to be changed? Which skin care products do you need, and how often, to get clear without irritation?

Erin Blair Licensed Aesthetician KalispellIt’s a puzzle, and you’re missing a few pieces. I have those pieces. If it were as easy as a 3 Step Kit or a prescription drug, I’d be in some other business and your skin would already be clear!

I know what it’s like. My daughters and I have struggled with genetic acne. I’ve been the mom who kept trying to do the wrong things for the right reasons. I know first hand what it’s like to feel that panic, to be praying for a solution… Because facing the world with acne is emotionally painful, physically scarring, and as wrong as it is, people judge you for it.

It’s my goal that everyone who’s suffering from acne know this: they have a choice. There IS a better way to get clear, without taking antibiotics or Accutane®. Without being red and irritated. Give me 90 days and I’ll turn your skin around. If you’d like to work with me, or even just have a Free Strategy Session to get a feel for whether this is a good fit, you can see my schedule here

I’d make a safe bet that I can help you. That you can get clear, and stay clear with my help. And if for some reason I really can’t help, I’d tell you that too. So take a look around and see what it’s all about. Sign up for my FREE REPORT to find out if your current products are breaking you out. And when you’re ready to get clear, get in touch!